First UK Enum registration.

London, October 20th, 2009.

CommsResources, a UK based supplier of global recruitment solutions are the first UK business to benefit from having their +44 telephone numbers Enum enabled.
Enum in Google Android

Wednesday 24th June, 2009.

Ray Bellis of Nominet has released an open-source implementation of ENUM for Google Android.

The application is native implementation to the Android dialer and it's an open source (under the Apache License) the code is available for download from Google Code.

What is Enum?

Enum is an internationally approved standard for connecting the communication end points on the telephony network to end points and devices on the Internet.

Enum is designed to make it easy for you to reach someone with various communications devices or software applications by using a single unique identifier - the telephone number stored as a domain name.

Enum2go have participated in several European enum trials and implementations and contributed significantly to the recent UK enum trial.


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