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 UK Enum Launch October 7th, 2008

Nominet has announced the commercial launch of UK Enum and as from October 7th 2008 are able to accept registrations for U.K. domains via registrars like enum2go.

How ENUM works
ENUM (telephone number mapping) is a suite of protocols that defines a rule making it possible to relate a domain name to a telephone number, and then use that domain name to identify various communications devices such as fax, mobile phone, voicemail, email, IP telephony addresses or web pages.

The U.K. prepares for Enum PDF Print E-mail
"This new service will be deployed in the U.K. from Q3” said Jay Daley CTO of Nominet at a recent presentation to industry experts. 

It will be provided by a channel of Registrars such as enum2go. Next generation networks, single users and many businesses including call centres, multi site organisations and large supply chains like Tesco will

Nominet Tier 1 registry for UK ENUM PDF Print E-mail
Nominet, the .uk domain name registry, has been awarded the contract to run the Tier 1 registry for UK ENUM, a standard that will unify the telephone numbering system with the Internet's Domain Name System.
What is Enum? PDF Print E-mail

Enum is an internationally approved standard for connecting the communication end points on the telephony network to end points and devices on the Internet.

Enum is designed to make it easy for you to reach someone with various communications devices or software applications by using a single unique identifier - the telephone number stored as a domain name.

Enum2go have participated in several European enum trials and implementations and contributed significantly to the recent UK enum trial.

Linking Bebo with Facebook? PDF Print E-mail
Popular social networking sites like facebook and Bebo are changing the human fabric of the Internet and the way we interact with each other.
MySpace, with over 200 million visitors, has become the digital equivalent of hanging out at the mall, coffee shop or bars. Users load these sites with photos, news about music groups and detailed profiles of their likes and dislikes.
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