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As the technology develops, local control of the information associated with your ENUM domain name will enable calls to be connected to your desk telephone or mobile 'on the fly' as you move in and out of the office environment.

For example, you could save all your contact details: fax and phone numbers (work, mobile and home), e-mail and home addresses, voicemail etc. all in one ENUM entry. This address is used to store Name Authority Pointer Records (Naptr), that contain whatever contact details you wish to include, such as mobile telephone number, landline telephone number, fax, web site address and email address.
You can then add rules to redirect people to one or other of these contact details depending on who the person is, what time it is and so on.
For example calls after 5.30pm could be routed to your mobile, whilst all contacts during office hours could be via e-mail.
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