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Enum is an internationally approved standard for connecting the communication end points on the telephony network to end points and devices on the Internet.

Enum is designed to make it easy for you to reach someone with various communications devices or software applications by using a single unique identifier - the telephone number stored as a domain name.

Enum2go have participated in several European enum trials and implementations and contributed significantly to the recent UK enum trial.

How does ENUM work?

A telephone number which has been entered into the global Internet Domain Name System, allows Enum aware applications or devices to reach any IP or PSTN based services by "looking-up" associated (NAPTR) records for any given Enum in the Registry of Numbers and thereby gaining access to multiple methods of communicating with the Enum owner, thereby enabling the convergence of PSTN based telephony services and other communication services such as email, IMS and text.

Registering your number will effectively allow calls from any Enum aware VoIP phone, to access you 'on-net' without touching PSTN network and avoid access charges. This will work both ways - so you do not need to know whether the number you are calling is a VoIP number or not

If the number called is not in the Enum database, then the call will just proceed to the person's non-VoIP telephone and be charged for in the normal way.

Benefits of registering your number in ENUM
The main use of Enum will be to link different VoIP servers so that VoIP phones can use the same technology to connect internal users to external client via the Internet.
As the technology develops, local control of the information associated with your ENUM domain name will enable calls to be connected to your desk telephone or mobile, as you move in and out of the office environment.
All of your contact details could be saved in one Enum entry, including fax and phone numbers (work, mobile and home), email and home addresses, voicemail etc. all in one Enum entry.
An Enum registration is not limited to just phone numbers and email addresses, but can contain whatever contact details you wish to including, web site address as well as sip and snail mail addresses. You can then add rules to make the most of this information to redirect people to one or other of these contact details depending on who is calling, what time it is and so on.

For example calls outside of office hours could be routed to your mobile, whilst all contacts during office hours could be received in your inbox as email attachments for example.

Why should I choose to register with Enum2go?

We have participated in the development of Enum for many years and have provided registration services for both national and global numbers.

We are now taking pre-registration enquiries from:
- Communication Service Providers wishing to block register under the CRUE scheme (Carrier Registrations in User Enum)
- Companies, organizations and individuals who wish to register their own blocks of numbers or individual telephone numbers into the Enum Registry.
Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  to discuss your requirements

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