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 UK Enum Launch October 7th, 2008

Nominet has announced the commercial launch of UK Enum and as from October 7th 2008 are able to accept registrations for U.K. domains via registrars like enum2go.

How ENUM works
ENUM (telephone number mapping) is a suite of protocols that defines a rule making it possible to relate a domain name to a telephone number, and then use that domain name to identify various communications devices such as fax, mobile phone, voicemail, email, IP telephony addresses or web pages.

Benefits of ENUM
Initial benefit - cheaper calls between VoIP systems
The most important benefit of ENUM is that enables a business or consumer with a VoIP system to locate others business or consumers with VoIP systems and call them directly across the Internet, bypassing the ordinary telephone system and thereby costing no more than the rental already being paid for the Internet connection.

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